CADD & 3D Technologies for Facility Owners, Developers, Prime Consultants & Contractors

We provide customized services that meet your specific CADD & 3D Technology needs.

In turn, we act as your CADD & 3D consultant by bringing leading edge software & applications. This is because we stay on the leading edge by engaging R&D and Applied Development projects to implement new technologies that support the CADD & BIM processes.

As an example, years ago, our firm was one of the first in the Northwest to apply laser scan data in 3D models. Further, we began using drones to obtain aerial photos and videos of project sites prior to popular adoption. Other solutions are now incubating.

Our experience and deliverables are:

    Sector Experience:
  •     ·  Commercial

  •     ·  Medical

  •     ·  Pulp & paper

  •     ·  Manufacturing

  •     ·  Industrial
  •     ·  3D Models for Design & Production

  •     ·  Stress & Fluid Flow Analysis

  •     ·  Layout Drawings & Site Plans

  •     ·  Permit Drawings

  •     ·  Fabrication Drawings

  •     ·  Aerial Jobsite Photography & Videos Using Drones

Example Project:   3D Fluid Flow Analysis of Process Water Distribution System

CADD Connection was contracted to create a 3D piping model for a complex process water distribution system which serviced a major facility in Oregon. The goal was to increase water head pressure at a specific holding tank, and reduce the time required to fill a tank, critical to a process. In turn, increased throughput and profitability for the Owner.

After creating a 3D piping model, we developed a custom workflow and performed fluid flow analysis using a leading edge analytical tool. Recommendations for increasing head pressure and flow rate by to 50%, were made to Owner. The remedies included re-routing select pipe, increasing select pipe diameters and eliminating dead branch lines. The project was deemed a success.

Figure 1. P&ID for City Water Distribution System.
Figure 2. Water flow analysis results for a given scenario