Our steel detailing experience ranges from simple maintenance platforms to complex commercial building structures. Our structural detailing team brings to bear their years of experience and works primarily in AutoCAD 2D with a target project profile of misc steel through 200 tons.

    Typical Deliverables are:
  •     ·  Shop Drawings

  •     ·  Erection Drawings

  •     ·  Cut Sheets

  •     ·  Bill of Materials

  •     ·  ABOM's

  •     ·  Field Bold Lists

  •     ·  Layouts

  •     ·  Special Checking

  •     ·  Data translation for CNC, etc.

Our firm emphasizes collaboration and technical assistance. We can assist you in developing data translation/transmission best practice processes which will allow for more efficient and effective interfaces between your drawings, CNC equipment, consulting engineers, MRP/ERP systems and supplier/vendors.