Lean Design: IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), D-B (Design-Build) & D-A (Design-Assist)

Our firm’s Principle learned Lean Design principles at while working a joint venture involving Toyota Motors Corporation.

We believe that BIM & CADD are tools can be used to deliver lean principles to eliminate waste, such as re-work at fabrication shops or the job site.

A fundamental lean principle is that the earlier key disciplines - Owner, O&M, Design, Construction & Commissioning - are involved in the design process, the better the final design will be for the life-cycle of the building. This is based on the “tried and true” Lean Design Process graph below, which simply says, the earlier all parties are involved, the more you can optimize cost & function.

As a result, it is natural that our the building & design industry is gradually migrating towards deliver modes such as Design-Build (DB) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). For BIM & VDC to be effectively implemented on DB & IPD projects, the team culture needs to embrace mutual respect & trust, collaborative decision making, and transparent communications. Our teams are carefully trained to demonstrate these relational abilities & attitudes, above and beyond foundational technical abilities.

Lean (Preferred) vs Traditional Design Process